www.VoicesInternational.lu was my first website.  I learned to code PHP and JavaScript on this site.  When I took over as Webmaster in 2008 it was a frontpage site.  I quickly converted it to a Website Baker Content management System. This transformed how the choir operated.  When someone had information they were given access to put it on the website. Soon when a choir member had a question the answer was ‘Did you look on the website?’.

I also implemented a new program of digitizing the sheet music to make piano tracks with MuseScore.  This allows each section of the choir to listen to just their part of the song. Later, a volunteer would sing each part on top of the piano track.

Eventually, I learned PHP and JavaScript on the site. Many of the modules I have written and shared with the Website Baker/Lepton CMS community were originally developed for this site.

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