Dynamic Table

Dynamic Table


 This module modifies static wysiwyg(or code) tables, and makes them dynamic and interactive. Using the Jquery plugins: DataTables by Allan Jardine.


  • Table is sortable, filterable, paginated
  • Show/Hide individual columns
  • Floating header
  • The jquery datatables plug-in uses native translations in many languages.
  • Data is exportable to Clipboard,Excel,PDF, CSV, and Print using the table tools plug-in.

Five easy steps to get it to work.

  1.  Create a page with a table
  2.  Make sure the table has an id=”myDynamicTable”
  3.  Make sure the table has a header row
  4.  Add a dynamic table section to the page
  5.  Add the table id and click save

*This module can also work with other modules. For example, if you have a table that is created dynamically using the code module.


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