Drag ‘n Drop Upload

Drag ‘n Drop Upload


This module creates an easy way to upload files into a specific directory.


  • Uses the plupload Jquery plug-in by the guys who wrote Tiny_MCE.
  • filter the type of files allowed to upload.
  • Unlimited file size capacity
  • Large files are chucked up.
  • Client side image resizing.
  • Backend provides easy one click set up.
    1. Choose the folder.


Dynamic Table

Dynamic Table


 This module modifies static wysiwyg(or code) tables, and makes them dynamic and interactive. Using the Jquery plugins: DataTables by Allan Jardine.


  • Table is sortable, filterable, paginated
  • Show/Hide individual columns
  • Floating header
  • The jquery datatables plug-in uses native translations in many languages.
  • Data is exportable to Clipboard,Excel,PDF, CSV, and Print using the table tools plug-in.

Five easy steps to get it to work.

  1.  Create a page with a table
  2.  Make sure the table has an id=”myDynamicTable”
  3.  Make sure the table has a header row
  4.  Add a dynamic table section to the page
  5.  Add the table id and click save

*This module can also work with other modules. For example, if you have a table that is created dynamically using the code module.





This simple comment module lets you add comments to a page.

If the user is not logged in they are redirected to a login page before they can post a comment.

An email is sent to the user if someone replies to a comment.

Users can up vote comments they like.

All comment functions are implemented with AJAX.

It is based on jquery-comments by Viima.


Calendar Sync

Calendar Sync

Calendar Sync is an event calendar for your Lepton Website. It features:

  • Down-loadable .ics file for syncing your digital calendar.
  • Auto generation of Google map to show the address(requires input of Google Maps api key)
  • If logged in it keeps track of if the user has downloaded the file. This is reset if the event is updated.
  • Droplet to allow you to easily add a button for downloading the ics file for an event on any page.
  • If you are the adminstrator of the site you get edit buttons on the front-end.